Dear Church Family,
I’m sure it has disappointed no one that we have not had a COVID-19 conversation in some time! We are thankful to the Lord for a sense of normalcy over the last year. It has been wonderful to resume our worship and fellowship together. 
I am writing because we have had several in our church family, including children, who have recently tested positive for COVID-19.  We have been told that further variants of the virus are to be expected.  With the increase of natural immunity and vaccines, the CDC recommendations have changed significantly since the beginning of the pandemic and offer more relaxed guidelines.
Currently, vaccinated individuals don't need to isolate, etc., unless they themselves begin to experience symptoms:
We urge the church family to show great care by not attending the church gathering if you have COVID-19 symptoms (fever/chills, cough, muscle or body aches). This would also include other potentially contagious illnesses. If in doubt, join us on the Livestream for that Sunday.
The Elders and Pastoral Staff are not enforcers of CDC recommendations. Nor are we investigators of members’ personal medical information. We are appealing to the Body to show care for one another. We are asking the church family to use the same good judgment that guides your decisions for entering other public places on a regular basis (school, work, grocery store, etc).
Let’s keep our eyes on the Lord and worship His holy Name!
May the love of Christ guide us in all things!
Psalm 91,
Pastor Jim