Dear FBCG Church Family,

What a good and faithful God we serve! The Church Body continues to serve and meet needs in wonderful and God-glorifying ways, each day. May the Lord give His people strength to continue pressing on, not growing weary in a good and important work.


  • The main building is still without internet and only has partial power. This *may* impact our schedule on Sunday, so please stay tuned for more word on those conditions. Entergy and Eatel are both aware of our issues and are working to remedy the problems as soon as possible.
  • There will be no Connect Groups this Sunday. The Worship Service schedule is still to be determined, based on conditions in the sanctuary.
  • Kitchen crews from Texas SBC SEND RELIEF are still lodged in the back portion of the building: Fellowship Hall, Chapel, and Youth areas. Please be respectful of their privacy if you do come to the building.
  • For those wishing to donate to the recovery effort, please point them to , where there is an option for Hurricane Relief. While there is a small fee associated with online giving, they can opt-out of paying the fee themselves. Funds can also be sent by texting FBCG 22525. Cash or checks are the best way to give with no associated fee.

Needs to be Met:
  • In an effort to provide as much information about needs as possible, I am posting a portion of our recovery spreadsheet in this message. Feel free to contact me directly for more information about helping with any of these needs. I’ll try to update the list daily, to keep info current.
  • We are attempting to assemble a team to travel to the Bergeron home in LaPlace on Saturday. This will be a typical sheetrock/insulation removal and clean up. If the Bergerons’ home is at a stopping point, we will begin to assist their neighbors who are widowed. Those willing to help should meet in the South FBC Parking Lot near the old office entrance by 7:30am. Please bring tools, food, WATER, and ENOUGH FUEL to get there and back. If you cannot come at 7:30am, we can provide directions to the Bergeron home. Please call or text if you have any questions.

FBC Recovery List:

Family Job/Need Address
Thompson Tarps 16314 Newman Nickens Rd Prairieville 
Bergeron Flood / Demo 504 Chatsworth Dr. LaPlace
Dean Tree Removal 17200 Trinidad Dr. Prairieville
Edmonston, Dempsey Yard Cleanup 44335 Erwin Villar Rd Prairieville
Hayes Electrician 17466 Tiger Rd Prairieville
Landry Need Window unit A/C 6079 Tezcuco Court Gonzales
Myers  Tree on Shed 45086 Riverside Estates St. Amant
Nichols Tree Removal 7246 Donaldson Dr Gonzales
Ramirez Yard Cleanup / Siding 9284 S Hodgeson Lane Gonzales
Sledge Tree Removal 41457 Bayou Narcisse Gonzales
Sledge Yard Cleanup 41457 Bayou Narcisse Gonzales

If you have updated info on any items or to be added to the list, please contact me. The Lord keep you safe and well provided as we look forward to restoration.


Pastor Jarrod