104573C2-C34A-42AA-91FC-032A23B96CB4Life on the Altar: The Life We Are Called to Live (LOTA) is now available! A year ago I began a series of blogs entitled, “Life on the Altar,” and I shared that I would be putting these posts into a book in the summer and fall of 2021. I am thankful to announce that the book has come together by God’s grace, and I pray for His glory.

I will be promoting the book in the coming weeks. I hope you will consider reading it and passing it on to others. Also, If you are able to leave a favorable review on Amazon, I would appreciate that as well. Thank you friends for your support during the writing process. I believe strongly in the message of this book and pray that it will be a rich blessing to you.

You can pre-order through Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3nRrQjI. The “Look Inside” feature on Amazon is forthcoming. Also available at Barnes & Nobles, https://rb.gy/q4kya.