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No Signup for June 7th Morning Worship Service

Latest Return to Worship Information:

Dear Church Family,

Governor Edwards has released a statement starting Phase 2 reopening for churches and certain businesses. Churches are now allowed to gather in their facilities at a 50% capacity. This second phase will extend until June 26th at which time we hope to transition to Phase 3 with even more allowances. 

We gathered together for our first in-person worship service on Sunday, May 24th. We were excited to see a large portion of the body join us on that day. As we continue along in Phase 2 of our reopening, we are carefully preparing and praying for each worship gathering. We believe this pandemic requires caution, consideration, and faith as we have a gradual return to regular Body life. 

In preparation for our Sunday gatherings, we are asking the church to help in the following ways:

  1. Signing up for the Worship Service is no longer needed. Our building's 50% capacity is enough to cover our normal Sunday Morning attendance. However, we are still required to maintain 6 ft spacing between families. That may necessitate some individuals or families moving to the Fellowship Hall.
  1. Since we will not be offering childcare, it will be very important for children to remain under their parent’s supervision the entire time we are meeting together on campus.
  1. For those in a high-risk category, or those who are simply uncomfortable with the possibility of exposure, perhaps you should refrain from coming at this time. We will continue the Livestream option online, indefinitely. This is a time to support one another in making these decisions.
  1. We appeal to the Church family to use great care regarding any symptoms that you may be experiencing. Certainly, anyone with a fever, cough, or visible signs of illness must not attend.
  1. The Elders, Staff, and Deacons will not be “policing” with regard to wearing masks or social distancing. 
  1. Though we all intend to give our best effort to follow the Phase 2 guidelines set forth by Governor Edwards, there are places and times when it will be difficult to maintain a six foot distance from one another. Passing one another in the hallways and foyers and use of the restrooms would be examples of this. Those considering attendance will need to keep these factors in mind.
  2. We plan to have the main doorways left open to minimize touch points and areas of congestion.

  3. Our Elders recognize that there are many factors to be considered in coming back together. While we want to demonstrate wisdom and responsibility in how our gatherings are structured, we believe that the decision to attend at this time is an issue of faith and conscience.  There will be no judgment for those who choose not to come under these present circumstances. Everyone should be eager to demonstrate Christian liberty and to love for one another.

I look forward to seeing you again.  Your response during this time has been remarkable and a constant source of encouragement.  May we be a church family that takes joy in the God of our salvation, even in times of hardship. Please let me know if I could be of help to you, and may we “steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” (I Corinthians 15:58)

Love and prayers to you and your family...see you soon!



Pastor Jim

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