Coronavirus Update

FBC Services will be offered ONLINE ONLY until further notice. 
This includes all Sunday and Wednesday ministries.
Please see the latest update, below, for more information.


Dear Church Family,
We are continuing to pray for every individual and family in the FBCG body. Please let us know if you have -or are aware of- any specific needs. We are ready to help in any way that we can. Please continue to pray along with us for our community, state, and nation. We are not only praying for wisdom, safety, healing, and mercy, but that the gospel would be a ray of hope in this time of uncertainty and suffering.

1.  The Livestream of this Sunday's Morning Worship will be available at Don't forget to invite your friends to join us. Several of our sister churches, and some of our own Connect Groups are seeing a large number of people from outside the church join their online services and bible studies. Could you reach out to a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor who would ordinarily be unlikely to attend on Sunday? A new, different form of outreach has been brought about for us by these unusual circumstances. Let's use it to the utmost!

Don't forget to set aside Sunday morning to watch. We want to encourage everyone to stay in the habit of meeting together with the body on Sunday morning. If you are having trouble viewing the stream, please let us know! There hasn't been any problem with streaming the service on our end - and we've successfully watched the stream live, from multiple locations, without any interruptions or buffering at all. If you're experiencing those frustrations, Pastor Jarrod may be able to help.

2. Join Pastor Jim TONIGHT for the  FBCG Prayer Gathering at 6:30 p.m. If you have any prayer requests, please send them in via email or text. Tonight's content will include a time of prayer and a brief bible study. The prayer service will be viewable at
3. We've just posted this week's Book Club updates at Comments are now working. When you submit a comment, it will come to FBCG for approval. It make take some time before you see your comment show up, but it will! 

There is good news if you'd like to join us in the reading. Larie Myers has made two of the books available through the library! Visit and click on the orange rectangle that says “digital media.” Then, choose one of the reading apps. If you don't have  an APL library card, you can get one from their homepage at Just click on e-card sign up.

While we plan to finish our reading by April 18th, the reviews via blog post will remain online indefinitely. It's never too late to start!

4. There is a new development regarding help and outreach in the community. Many resource centers and churches are closed due to the stay-at-home order. Our friends at Fellowship Church have continued a food distribution drive-through for pre-approved people in need. The need is great, and we have an opportunity to help.

We will be making a list of needed food items available online in the coming hours. If you can spare some of the items you already have, we would love to get them to those in need. Or, if you would already be shopping for yourself or your family, you could purchase and donate some of the items. Please don't put yourself or your family at any additional risk of exposure in order to help with this program. We do want to help, but we must do so in the smartest, safest way possible. Please remember to use safe shopping and handling practices if you choose to participate. Please DO NOT participate if you are in an at-risk category, or if you have any symptoms of possible illness of any kind.

Donated items can be dropped off in our office driveway. There will be a marked plastic tote in the office door area where you can leave the items. Alternatively, you can make arrangements with one of the pastors to make your delivery. We will post an update with the list of items as soon as we can. If you have questions about how to help - please contact Brother Jarrod.


Following is a list of food items needed for collection, by category. Please see Wednesday's (4/1) Coronavirus Update for more instructions about the food program. Please do not donate refrigerated / perishable items. Thank you!
Breakfast Items:
Instant Oatmeal Pouches
Pop Tarts
Instant Grits Pouches
Boxed or Bagged Cereal
Lunch Items:
Canned Ravioli
Easy Macaroni Cups
Canned Soup
Hamburger Helper
Peanut Butter / Jelly
1lb bag Red Beans
1lb bag Rice
Spaghetti Sauce
16oz Pasta
Ramen Noodle
Snack Items:
Granola Bars
Nutri Grain Bars
Slim Jims
Little Debbie Cakes
Microwave Popcorn
Jello or Pudding Cups
Can Vienna Sausage
Vegetable Items:
Canned Corn
Canned Peas
Canned Green Beans
Canned Mixed Vegetables
Fruit Items:
Apple Sauce Cups
Orange Slice Cups
Mixed Fruit Cups
Raisin Packs
Canned Fruit Cocktail

5. The Ladies' Prayer meetings on Mondays and Thursdays are being moved to a new time. Instead of 7:10 pm, the phone meeting will now be held at 8:20 pm. The same telephone number and access code still apply. If you need help, contact Shannon Ruiz or Pastor Jarrod.

6.  As always, thank you for taking the time and effort to support our ongoing ministry through your tithes and offerings. Here are this week’s giving totals, thus far:
WEEK Receipts:   $11,655.60
MTD Receipts:     $11,655.60
MTD Budgeted:   $19,376.04
There are currently several ways you can give:
  1. Online, via our new service at,
  2. Through our members app – ChurchLife ACS
  3. By mailing your check to:

First Baptist Church Gonzales, P.O. Box 488 Gonzales, LA 70707-0488

  4.  You can also make arrangements to hand-deliver your offering, by contacting one of the pastoral staff. If you have any difficulties or questions about online giving, please let me know.
The Pastoral Staff and Elders are ready to respond to any needs in the Body, please contact us directly if we could be of help to you. Don't forget to send in any prayer requests or updates that you may have.
Pastor Jim,  225-247-3185
Pastor Jarrod 225-252-3484
Brother Woody 225-241-0687
Brother Jeremy 225-313-0922
Brother Alex 225-315-8715
See you TONIGHT, or Sunday via the Internet!
                                              Pastor Jarrod

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