What is the Gospel?

Simply put, the Gospel is good news, the best news one can ever know. The Bible tells us the story of God, Creation, Man, and the Fall... God, who is perfect in every way, created everything that exists to reflect His glory. In the midst of this wonderful, beautiful creation, he placed a man, Adam, and his wife, Eve. Adam and Eve failed to trust and obey God, bringing sin into the world. The bad news is that, since that terrible moment, Creation has been marred by the consequences of sin. Sin affects every one of us and separates us from God. God would have been perfectly just to enact a righteous punishment for those who fall short of His perfection.

Thankfully, the story didn't end there. Just as the Bible tells us of the Fall, it also tells us of God's redemptive plan. Rather than leaving mankind to face death and eternal separation from Him, God sent His Son to take the punishment all mankind rightly deserved. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, died on the cross as the acceptable sacrifice for our sin, and rose again on the third day. Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even if he dies" (John 11:25-26). The Bible tells us that those who trust in Jesus and turn from their sin will be saved.

If you have been convicted because of your sin and see your need for a savior, Jesus offers hope for life, peace, and joy. There are still consequences for sin, suffering, and trials in a believer's life, but they can be faced with renewed confidence that God "works all things together for good for those who love Him" (Romans 8:28). You can become a Christian by turning from your sins (repentance) and believing (faith) in Christ to save you. What follows in your life should be a commitment to live for Jesus. If this describes your response to Christ, or you have more questions about that commitment, we'd love to help you!

Those who love, trust, and follow Jesus Christ are not perfect, but are committed to a life of learning, growing and obeying His Word. The Bible tells us that believers should begin reading His Word and praying to Him daily, be baptized as soon as possible, and meet regularly with a local church.

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