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First Baptist Church of Gonzales is actively seeking candidates to fulfill the position of Worship Pastor. Our Elders have been working prayerfully and eagerly to contact candidates that may meet the qualifications for this important leadership role. Please join us in praying that God will provide the man that is needed in His perfect timing.
If you would like to submit a résumé, please mail to: 

First Baptist Church Gonzales, LA
Attn: Jarrod Lamberth
P.O. Box 488 Gonzales, LA 70707

Or, submit an electronic copy to


Worship Pastor Job Description

This job description serves to outline expectations of the Worship Pastor and to provide guidance for his efforts in worship ministry. The primary area of responsibility includes all ministries pertaining to musical expression of worship at First Gonzales. The Worship Pastor will be accountable to the Elders under the oversight of the Senior Pastor with regard to job performance and fulfilment of expectations.  The Elders, in turn, are expected to support, care for, and provide guidance to the Worship Pastor in all aspects of his ministry. 


  1. Possess a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing, personal relationship with Him.
  1. Be able to articulate a theology of worship that demonstrates a solid grasp of biblical truth in Christian worship. Apply this theology of worship to the process of ordering and selecting elements of worship that are guided by the Word of God and bring praise, glory, and exultation to God for the sanctification of His people. 
  1. Model the qualifications of an Elder as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. This would be demonstrated in the Worship Pastor role through the following situations and/or examples:
  • Effective teaching in the corporate gathering that encourages worshipful responses to the gospel and other biblical truths in the minds, hearts, actions, and voices of God’s people.
  • A life characterized by spiritual maturity, depth, and sensitivity to God’s leading through His Word.
  • Possess the ability to disciple and train believers both as followers of Jesus and as musicians/vocalists.
  • Provide pastoral care for those under his leadership as the Worship Pastor. This would include navigating through relational challenges with grace and truth.  Demonstrate the following character qualities: a good listener, reasonable and flexible, Christ-like humility, submission to spiritual leadership, and willingness to work as a part of a ministry team.
  1. Develop, execute, cultivate, and promote the music ministry of the church. This is accomplished through the following, but is not limited to:
  • Effectively planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive music program. A comprehensive music program would minimally include:
      • Praise Team (musicians & vocalists)
      • Adult Choir
      • Oversight of Musicians
      • Children and Youth choirs
      • Development and training for future musicians
      • Oversight of special musical offerings for Corporate Worship
      • Development, arrangement, and oversight of special musical productions (Easter, Christmas- Cantatas, musicals, dramatic productions, etc.)
  • Pursuing excellence in the form of continuing education through seminars, workshops, conferences, and conventions.
  • Understanding and implementing music from a variety of genres and generations. Having an appreciation for diverse music styles (traditional, classical, contemporary) and being able to plan and lead diverse expressions of worship that engage the heart and the mind.
  • Enlisting and training the team of musicians and vocalists needed to fulfill this ministry with excellence.
  • Actively participating with the Elders, Senior Pastor, and other staff members in the pre-planning aspects of the worship service. The Worship Pastor should seek to offer intentional, thoughtful, and fresh ideas during these meetings.
  • Receiving input from and collaborating with those that serve in a leadership role within the music ministry.
  1. The Worship Pastor will be personally responsible for the following technical skills:
  • Trained instrumentalist and skilled vocalist who can lead worship.
  • Proficiency with regard to the basic use and maintenance of sound equipment and musical software.
  • Oversight of equipment and volunteer operators necessary for facilitating excellence in congregational worship, including sound systems, media and lyric presentation/projection, sanctuary lighting, etc. 
  1. Actively involved and showing a genuine support for the ongoing ministries of the church (i.e., small group Bible study, evangelism, etc.)

Click here for a .pdf copy of this Job Description.

Please send resumés to:

First Baptist Church Gonzales, LA
Attn: Jarrod Lamberth
P.O. Box 488 Gonzales, LA 70707

Or, submit an electronic copy to

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