Dear FBCG Church Family,

It has been my privilege and joy to see this body of believers love each other and this community through many troubled times. The recovery after Ida has been no exception. Thank you for your hard work in serving others, and for your effort to keep us up to date on the various needs and work you have personally seen.

Morning Worship is ON for 10:30 am Sunday. We will have a simple service, and many customary “bells and whistles” may be missing… but we are excited to gather together as the body of Christ. Please plan to come if you are able to do so safely.

We will attempt to stream the service through a hotspot connection to LTE wireless service. This will mean a slightly downgraded video quality, and perhaps some buffering. With no timeline for high speed internet access at FBC, this is the best we can do. We WILL record the stream in its entirety. If there are connection problems, we can upload the service for uninterrupted viewing at a later time (likely early afternoon). 

Please remember that we have guests lodging in the youth room, fellowship hall, and chapel areas. Please do not enter these areas, in order for the privacy and belongings of the workers to be respected.

A great deal of work has been accomplished over the weekend. We are crossing off many  of the items on our list! We’ll send more updates on new needs as they become available.


Pastor Jarrod