Walking The Way

Walking The Way is a multigenerational-discipleship roadmap developing consistencies as the church and home partner together
for purposes of discipleship.  

Below are some dates to be saved for upcoming parent-training classes.

Light Post 1: "Baby Blessing"     Date considered upon request

Training for parents as primary spiritual influencers in their home.
Baby dedications follow this class during worship.                        

Light Post 2: "Bible Blessing"     March 19th, 2023 @9AM

Spiritual push for parents with their 1st grade children to read and deeply value the Bible in the home for faith and practice.

Light Post 3: "Faith Lessons"     February 19, 2023 @9AM

Focusing on parental involvement intentionally sharing the gospel toward salvation, baptism, and life in Christ through discipleship for parents with their 3rd/4th grade children.

Light Post 4: "Purity for Life"     September 24th, 2023 @9AM

Furthering the biblical worldview, making the most of opportunities during the
pre-teen/teen years, discovering the traps of adolescence, and challenging toward the highest standards are just some of the precursors to what can be expected in this class for parents with their 5th/6th grade children.

Light Post 5: "Graduation Blessing"     October 15th, 2023 @9AM

As seniors continue to prepare for the next leg of their journey, this class, for parents with their 12th graders, helps sharpen the focus and perspectives of the spiritual journey.

Light for Life: "Worship Blessing"     January 22nd, 2023 @9AM

(View the link to view a 30 minute video --> Here.)
As toddlers/preschoolers grow and/or transition out of Extended Teaching Care (childcare during worship) before age 4, this class helps equip parents with insights in training children to actively participate in the worship service.

Contact Jeremy Starnes if you have any questions.

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